a million             in one quarter



We need your

               help to meet the target: 1m quarters in three months

quote of the day

Keep your notes, spare the quarters and save lives.

the race is on...

One quarter can save a life. This is a fact. In rural Africa where this campaign is working to make a long lasting impact, a quarter can buy a syringe, a junior loaf of bread, a small bottle of water, plenty of candy nuts, school writing pad, and so on. 4 quarters can buy a good meal. 10 quarters will provide a school bag. 100 quarters can provide clothing and shoes to a school pupil. 1000 quarters can sustain a family of four for the entire month. A million quarters will build four clinics for rural health and make preventative care possible; provides two toilets in schools for sanitation of school pupils and support the education needs of children who are denied education because of lack.